There are no “physical laws”

According to the EDWs perspective (see my previous works), there are only epistemologically different (ED) entities and their interactions which represents the EDWs. However, the ED interactions cannot have their proper ontology; it means, these interactions could not exist in themselves but only in relationships to the ED entities. In other words, only the ED entities really exist and their existences is independent of our observations. Each mind is an EW, but it does not exist. The electromagnetic field (the field-EW), the microparticles (fermions and bosons) and the macro-entities (like planets or stones) really exist but in the EDWs (and in certain relationships, see Vacariu 2023). The human beings can, only indirectly (see my previous works), describe the motions of ED interactions, but these interactions do not exist in themselves. In fact, interactions are the properties of certain ED entities: for instance, the motions of the Sun and the Earth (within the macro-EW) do not exist in themselves but only in the relationships to these macro-planets. However, these planets really exist without our observations.

As I indicated in my previous works, the Earth and the Sun have existed long time before the humans have appeared on the Earth; without these macro-entities (the Sun and the Earth), our bodies could not even appeared. (Each body corresponds to a particular EW, the mind-EW.) A cup on a table really interacts with the table. Otherwise, there would be “in the air”, but the cup is not “in the air”.[1]

The same idea is available for the interactions between the microparticles (the micro-EW): these interactions between fermions (gluons and leptons) are represented, by physicists, through the interactions between bosons (certain microparticles, like photons, electrons, etc.). So, the interactions between the fermions is given by the bosons and their motions, but these motions do not really exist without these microparticles. Moreover, these microparticles correspond to the electromagnetic field (each microparticle corresponds to a particular electromagnetic wave and all these waves represent the electromagnetic field-EW). The physicists consider that two microparticles do not even interact just because of these electromagnetic waves: two microparticles come closer and closer but they do not really interact, the electromagnetic waves stop the interaction between any two particles. From my EDWs perspective, I consider any two microparticles really interacts since the electromagnetic waves/field do not really exist for these microparticles. Therefore, exactly as the cup interacts with the table, in the same way, two microparticles really interacts; all these ED interactions just corresponds to the motions of the electromagnetic waves/field (the filed-EW).

From these ideas, we conclude that there are no forces. The physicists have claimed there are four forces: gravitational, electromagnetic, weak, and strong forces.

The gravitational force: Newton furnished the mathematical formula for G, but he was unable to give us its definition (even if he related two worlds, the celestial and the terrestrial worlds with “gravity” – see my previous works). Einstein indicated the gravitational force did not exist, it would be the curved spatial-temporal framework the origin of the falling of an apple on the Earth or the rotations of planets. In 2016 (and earlier – see my book 2024), I indicated that spacetime could not even exist. Therefore, we need the ED correspondences between EDWs for explaining ED events/processes/facts (see my new principles in 2024).

The quantum forces (the other three forces) are all represented by interactions between microparticles (fermions and bosons). In reality, there are no “quantum forces” in themselves since there are no interactions in themselves, but only interactions among the microparticles through other microparticles. These interactions between microparticles involves the motions of these particles but these motions do not really exist in themselves. The microparticles really exist in themselves without the “human observers” (see my previous works); the motions of these microparticles do not exist without the existence of the microparticles. Therefore, the quantum forces do not have any ontological status exactly as the gravitational force does not exist. The gravitation (empty notion) between two macro-entities (the macro-EW) just corresponds (no ontology!) to the curved electromagnetic field (the field-EW).

Conclusion: There are no natural laws, there are no “interactions-in-themselves”, there are no “motions-in-themselves”! What, then, do really exist/is? The ED entities (electromagnetic waves/field, microparticles and macroparticles) really exist and the minds-EW really are. There is the difference between “exist” and “be”: “to exist” involves a pseudo/illusory “spatial-temporal framework” (in reality, certain “extensions”, see Descartes in my previous works), while the minds “are” since these entities/EWs do not have “extensions”. This essential difference involves the difference between the material entities (field, micro- and macro-particles, i.e., the field-EW, the micro-EW and the macro-EW) and the immaterial entities/EWs (the mind-EWs).[2]  (April 15th, 2024)

[1] If a physicist is still totally reductionist (only QM entities really exist), then I can ask him to hit his head by the table one time. If he has a pain, being reductionist, this pain is just an illusion. Therefore, he can hit several times his dead by the table without any problems for his “head” since, according to reductionists, the head and the pain do not really exist…

[2] Obviously, in few days/weeks, there would be other “professors” (great imperialists) who will publish very similar ideas to my ideas from this article…

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